All I Want For Christmas Is a… Last Minute Sustainable Gift Guide.

As a memorable childhood festive hymn say’s, “Christmas is coming, presents and parties, singing and dancing into the night”, the big day is almost upon us and the festive season is now well and truly underway!

For the eager, organised and excited amongst us the presents will already be sustainably wrapped and under the tree, but for the rest of us there is only a very few days to get our festive duties in order and sparingly gather the time to source the last minute gifts we forgot, (sorry great aunt X)

But fear not fellow Sustainers! Here is our gift to you, an easy peasy last minute unisex  gift guide. So turn that headspace app off, we have inspiration for all, there is no stress here.

Sustainable Toiletry Set

Don’t fancy battling your fellow last minute shoppers? Take yourself online and visit ethicalsuperstore where you can find everything from Bamboo toothbrushes to handmade soap and scrubbers. Why not prepare a sustainable toiletry set to help start a friend on the sustainable path?

Plan a Vintage Shopping Trip

Revival Vintage

Presents don’t have to be physical. Giving somebody your time says just as much, if not more, as a bunch of flowers. So why not plan a day out with the lucky gift receiver? A sustainable shopping trip wouldn’t go a miss with many. Or why not gift a Revival Vintage shopping voucher? 

Bamboo Desk organiser

For the person who is just as un-organised as you (come on, be fair, you are reading this!) why not bring a little sense of organisation into their life in the form of a Bamboo Desk organiser? It’s a nifty little addition to any desk and they will be thanking you for it later.

Hand Knitted Scarf/ Socks

If you snoop around your nearest town or city, you can almost guarantee that you will be able to find a golden gem in the form of a haberdashery. Here you can also guarantee that you will be able to purchase handmade garments, or be put in touch with another place that can offer you it. A handwoven/knitted scarf is always a good option for anybody. Everybody needs to keep warm whilst playing in the snow.

Gift an Experience

If you are really out time but are also really conscious of your purchases, why not gift an experience?  It need not be a trip to the landmarks or anything else expensive or extravagant. Is there a local comedy club? A upcoming theatre show or concert that would be appreciated? As we said before, its not all about the physical gifts. Just take a minute to wrack your brains.


Clearly, all of the above are just a selection of ideas and equally sustainably products can be found on the high street, but also check out the stores below for some more inspiration. Just remeber to check the last mail order date! It is Christmas after all!


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