Ikea Has A Great Idea

IKEA, the Swedish flat pack superstore, has upped its game once again in their attempt at providing their customers with stylish and easy to assemble furniture and home decor at a price that has less impact on the earth than it does their customers pockets.    

As claimed in their latest sustainability plan (2018) IKEA will remove all single-use plastic from its product range and restaurants by the year 2020 after pledging to design all of its products using “circular principles” with the aim of using only renewable and recycled materials. 

Since 2009, IKEA Group has been on a path of helping to tackle climate change by investing EUR 1.7 billion in renewable energy. Collectively, the group have committed to own and operate 416 offsite wind turbines and have installed around 750,000 solar panels on IKEA buildings.

Ikea solar panel installation

More recently however, the Swedish giant has made the bold move to only sell and use LED lights within all of their stores and it is currently the only global retailer to sell products made completely from 100% cotton. 

Over a decade ago, IKEA, WWF and other partners, established the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), an organisation aiming to make global cotton production better for the industry, people and our planet. 

Today, as one of the largest catalysts for improving cotton farming, we continue to positively impact the business. Currently, we’re the only global retailer in the world selling products made from 100% cotton from more sustainable sources. But we are not satisfied. Our mission is to spread the word and go beyond our business. Together with our partners, we’re on a journey to make cotton from more sustainable sources a mainstream practice – affordable and accessible to all.”- Ikea.com 

 IKEA was born in 1943, in Älmhult, Sweden by founder Ingvar Kamprad and since then it has taken the world by storm. After landing in the UK, the first IKEA store to open was opened in 1987 in Harrington, Cheshire but since then, IKEA has seen 936 million store visits (as of 2017) across its 403 stores throughout the world.  

The late IKEA Founder; Ingvar Kamprad


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