Amazon’s Fast Fashion Frenzy

Whilst many customers value the already convenient speed of business, Amazon is set to go one step further and join the list of high street fast fashion brands whom implement a ‘See-now-buy-now’ scheme after it was awarded a patent back in 2017 for an on-demand manufacturing system designed to quickly produce clothing, and amazon isn’t waiting around to put it into use.

In September 2018, Amazon announced that Merch by Amazon, their own screen printing business, had partnered with fashion label Nicopanda on a new “see-now, buy-now” initiative, or “see -now-prime-now”as it has been dubbed, for London Fashion Week Spring 2018.

The aim is to utilize Merch by Amazon and incorporate Amazon’s smile codes to enable fashion show attendees to simply scan a product as it debuts on the catwalk in front of them and then have the item delivered to them within two days.  This typical amazon convenience is a stray from the traditional fashion show purchasing method where items used to only be available to purchase months after their catwalk debut.

But Amazon is not the first or only brand to implement the ‘See-now-buy-now’ model. High-end Brands such as Burberry and Tommy Hilfiger have been debuting a selection of their collections in this manner since 2015. But the difference is that those collections were not delivered to a customer within two days, there was still a couple of months wait.

Notorious fast fashion brands such as H&M and Zara have changed the game dramatically in more recent years by scrambling to cut down their production times to deliver designer copycat collections within weeks of their original debut.

But the game is changing once more with Amazon entering the fashion field; the top retailer when it comes to delivering goods fast.  Gone are the days where you would place an order and have to schedule your week around patiently waiting for the postman or knocking on your neighbor’s door begging them to take your parcel in for you if it happens to arrive while you out. Nowadays, with a literal one click of a button or a scan of a code goods can be delivered to your door the very same day.

amazon prime

It is undoubtedly impressive the speed at which things can now be produced and delivered but at what cost is this happening? Recently Amazon came under fire for over working their workers with some online outlets claiming that Amazon warehouse workers even skip bathroom breaks to keep their jobs. And while Amazon are claiming that Merch by Amazon’s partnerships supports local artists and designers (they receive a small percentage of the sales) and even though currently amazon are producing a selection of 4 t-shirt designs, the questions must be asked;

  • Is this a step backwards in the fight against Fast Fashion and the move towards an Eco- friendly , ethical and more sustainable fashion industry ?
  • What is stopping the industry giant form creating other fast fashion garments?

leave your thoughts in the comments.

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