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A Seamless Review: The Green Carpet Fashion Awards 2018

Last year witnessed the Inauguration of Eco-Age’s Green Carpet Fashion Awards, the first awards of their kind that honour and celebrate the game changers in sustainable fashion. September 2018 brought about the second edition of the glamorous award night and everybody from Donnatella Versarce, the top fashion designer, to Venetia Falconer, a top media influencer, rubbed shoulders in a night of celebration for all things sustainable in the name of Fashun . 

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The Green Carpet Fashion Awards are quickly becoming a prestigious alternative to end the Fashion Week in Milan.  Hosted by Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana and Eco-Age and presented within the iconic Teatro alla Scala in Milan, the Green carpet Fashion Awards honour both the hand print of fashion (the human capital that goes into the making of fashion apparel and accessories), and the footprint of fashion (the natural capital and environmental impact) (

The creative director of the event was Hamish Bowles, American Vogue’s International Editor at Large, who transformed the iconic Teatro alla Scala  into a into a beautiful garden decorated with a hummingbird theme.  He told that “The hummingbird motif that is threaded through the Green Carpet Fashion Awards gala was chosen as this tiny bird symbolises industry, adaptability and resilience – all qualities that are integral to the concept of sustainability.”

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During the award ceremony celebrities flocked to the stage to each present 1 of the 13 prestigious awards. Julianne Moore presented the cobblers of Ferragamo with The Art of Craftsmanship Award for showcasing the amplification of great innovation while preserving the heritage of production that dates back centuries, whilst  Donatella Versace was awarded The CNMI in Recognition for Sustainability, presented by Cindy Crawford.

Versarce has been recently renowned for the decision to go fur-free and for designing and building the greenest retail spaces. Donatella’s Versace is moving fast through an extensive programme of change that is leaving other high-end brands chasing their tails.

Meanwhile prior to the event, a entire plethora of celebrities and influencers took to the Green Carpet to showcase everything from leathers made of pineapple to dresses created with recycled used plastic. Vintage Stella McCartney also seemed to be a recurring sight as plenty of celebs dug out gowns and suits from the hidden depths of wardrobes, demonstrating the quality in re-using what they already have by breathing new life into what they have already loved.

See below for the full list of winners:

The Visionary Award: Suzy Menkes
The Handprint Award: Antonio Giacomo Lampasi, Lionella Maria Morano, Giacomo Puzzello and Crispino Maria from monterosso
The Art of Craftmanship: The cobblers of Ferragamo
Technology and Innovation: Frumat leather
The Wellness Award: Elle Macpherson
Supply Chain Innovation: Sourcemap
Eco Stewardship Award: The Woolmark farmers
The CNMI in recognition for Community and Social Justice: Diego Della Valle and Renzo Rosso
The Franca Sozzani GCC Award for best emerging designer: Gilberto Calzolari
Sustainable Producer: Bonotto
The GCFA Leaders Award: Sinéad Burke
The CNMI in recognition for sustainability: Donatella Versace
The Changemaker Award: Cameron Russell

Congratulation to all of the winners!


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