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Sustainability, and ethical fashion, is tipped to be the biggest trend of 2019, following on from the sustainable buzz that was created back in 2018. Sustainability was a huge focus in 2018. Plastic usage in general was cut down by many big retailers, plastic straws were taken away from many food outlets and the stark realisation that climate change is almost irreversible was presented to us all in the the latest IPCC Report.

2019 is set to continue making sustainable waves as many now focus on the threat of fashion, but who are the people guiding us towards making better fashion choices?  Well, here are our top 4  ladies that are currently kicking ass when it comes to sustainable fashion.

Venetia Falconer

@VenetiaFalconer / Instagram

YouTuber, podcaster and presenter, Venetia Falconer has shared with us all her sustainable fashion journey over on her Youtube channel for many years now. From explaining how she avoids fast fashion, to demonstrating how to shop sustainably, Venetia’s presenting style is friendly, charming and informative– a perfectly relaxed but educational watch for anybody wanting to make a sustainable change to their wardrobe and life. Venetia is strong minded, down to earth and will have you rifling through the second hand shops quicker than Marie Kondo can get you to ship out all your books.

You can watch Venetia through her Youtube channel, and keep up-to date with her Instagram and join her newly launched Slow Fashion Exchange. 

 Naomi Smart

Instagram/ @niomismart

Good friends with Venetia, Niomi is also a Youtuber alongside being a vegan cook book author and sustainable fashion advocate. Her youtube channel is relaxed and quite new to the sustainable fashion game, but invigorating and refreshing nonetheless. After appearing on “Stacey Dooley Investigates: Fashions Dirty Secrets”,  Niomi Smart now shares her journey into sustainable apparel with her 1.6 million YouTube subscribers, replacing fast fashion hauls with ethical and sustainable ones, alongside videos dedicated to health, fitness and wellbeing.

Since appearing in the documentary, Niomi has gone on to host her own event, “Smart Swap” in partnership with Clothes Aid, where women brought their unwanted clothes and swapped them for somthing else, helping to close the fashion loop. 

You can watch Niomi on her Youtube channel and keep up-to date with her on Instagram.

Stacey Dooley

“Fashions Dirty Secrets”
Photo Credit: BBC

After the success of her above mentioned documentary “Fashions Dirty Secrets”, MBE Stacey Dooley has become a key player in keeping a watchful eye on fast fashion, and holding big retailers accountable for their actions.

After starting her career partaking in a documentary called “Blood, Sweat and T-shirts”,  It is fair ot say that Stacey’s eyes were opened to the work that goes into creating fast fashion and the circumstances that the workers live in, and has since turned her back on fast fashon completely. Opting to shop at local independant stores such a Brightons Wolf & Gypsy Vintage, which she regularly features on her Instagram.

Sorelle Amore

Instagram/ @SorelleAmore

Minimalist, nature explorer and creative photographer famed for her skills in creating advanced selfies, sustainable fashion is a priority for Sorelle Amore. She regulary shows in her YouTube videos and Instagram posts just how simple it is to be more sustainable each and everyday,  but she doesn’t make a big deal of it. Instead, she simply leads by example and incorporates it into her everyday life, showing how natural sustainable living is.

You can watch Sorelle’s adventures on her YouTube channel and keep up-to date with her on Instagram.


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