Do Less Harm, With Mad About House’s The Directory

Do you struggle to find sustainable alternatives to the Highstreet’s home furnishing offerings? Perhaps you’re conscious of where the materials are sourced from? What happens to the leftover waste? Or maybe you’re concerned with the sustainability ethos of the company that you’re spending your hard-earned cash with?

Every day hundreds of people face the exact same challenge and face the exact same question of where to get all of this information from to be able to make an informed decision. Well, Kate Watson- Smyth has the answer in the form of a ‘Do Less Harm Directory.’

Launched in June 2019, by Kate herself on her blog ‘Mad about the house’ as part of her Do Less Harm Campaign, The Directory is a list, which is sub-sectioned into specific areas, of retailers and manufacturers who are trying to do less harm.

The Directory is being compiled after Kate herself rings up and has direct conversations with the retailers, and manufacturers. If the company can provide tangible information about what they are doing to help their customers be more sustainable, their name is added to the list. It is that simple, and you can get involved by doing the exact same thing.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the sustainability of a company – ring them up and speak to them. If your concerns are settled, spread the positive action with the rest of the world and get the company added to The Directory by emailing

Kate Watson-Smyth is an award-winning interior design journalist, the co-host of “The Great Indoors” podcast and the writer of the award-winning blog; Mad About The House, but she can’t do this all on her own. Let’s join together and grow The Directory, so everybody knows where to spend there pound, and were to hit the ground running out of the shop.





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