Halloween Decor: How To Make a Spider-Tree, Low-waste and Plastic Free

As we edge closer and closer to the muchly anticipated festive side of the year, it’s time to get creative and to get prepared, before the festive frenzy takes ahold.

From as early as the end of August, the clever marketeers’ of the big corporations prove their worth by discreetly directing consumers attention towards an endless variety of plastic waste – guised in the form of spooky decorations, bedazzling fireworks, and twinkling lights alike.

One minute the shop’s shelves are selling the summer dream, and then almost instantaneously on the first day of the last week in August, Halloween, Bonfire night and Christmas all have their own shopping aisles. It’s crazy and actually scary when you stop, think, and realise just how much plastic tat is created around this time of year, all in the name of festive decor.

But we are not party poopers or scrooges here at Seamless Design Online so, we are making our own festive tat –  but with a difference. Our tat is a mix of biodegradable, deconstructable, and most importantly is reusable, which means you can modify it and take it with you through Halloween and into Christmas. 

First up, we have ‘The Spider Tree’

This addition to the Halloween decor is simple to put together, easy to disassemble, and quite frankly it requires little to no effort at all. It’s the perfect thing to get children involved in creating, perhaps in preparation for a little party, or it’s quick enough to make and place in your adult flat to add that nostalgic spook factor. Whatever age you’re making this at, it will look spooktacular in a dark corner with a bit of candlelight uplighting to cast those spidery shadows far and wide.

For this make you will need:

What you’ll need
  • A vase with something to weigh it down (we used compost)
  • A variety of fallen branches (straight and long, or wonky and thin, get them all)
  • A few squares of dark fabric (put those old rags to use again)
  • A needle and thread of a kind (you can use cotton, wool, dental floss etc. – whatever you have about)
  • A variety of smaller twigs (for the spider legs)

Step One: Create The Spider’s Body

Take your square of dark fabric, fold it up and then roll in up so it becomes a chunky blob.

Then your going to take your needle and thread of choice, and stitch up the seam that has been created after you rolled it up.

Step 2: Attach the Spider legs 

Take 3 of the small twigs you’ve found and arrange them across the spider body. Then, this is a little fiddley, you’re going to stitch them to the body.

Making sure to push a thread through the body, to create the hanging thread.

Step 3: Piece it and place it 

Now that your spider is made, it’s time to put the tree together. Do this by organising the branches into your vase, not forgetting to weigh the vase down.

And then, all that’s left to do is hang your spiders and create a web with any leftover thread by draping it over the branches.

The end result can be completely deconstructed, and the materials can be used for another project. Unpick the thread and store it away with the cloth, put the sticks back outside, or keep them for this Christmas project*

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*coming soon

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