The Tailoring Tour of Huddersfield

Ever laid eyes on that perfect piece of clothing? It’s cut and drape is perfection, it’s tailored to fit precisely, and it looks nothing less than a million dollars. Then you look at the price tag and step away, quickly realising that, actually, the ill fitting outfit you already have on will suffice for another day. Well, maybe it’s time to take a good long look at yourself and identify that you deserve better. Why tolerate those baggy trousers and worn out suit jackets any longer? Take back the creative control that the high-flying brands have stolen from you and modify your wardrobe into the shape of a million dollars yourself, one garment at a time.

My friend, step aboard and settle in; I am taking you on a quick tailoring tour of Huddersfield.

On this tour, we will be stopping to explore the best places to get your clothes altered and fixed in Huddersfield. Being an historic cloth town there are plenty of options available, so for the first stop we are dipping down to King Street to pay a visit to Owen Scott Bespoke Tailors, who are famed for their suit making and tailoring services.

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After opening their first store in Huddersfield just over 7 years ago, Owen Scott has since expanded into two sister stores – one in Leeds and one along Savile Row in Mayfair, London, no less. But the bright lights of the cities haven’t taken anything away from their flagship store as they continue to provide bespoke quality services, designing, altering, and fashioning their own Orange Range of suits out of fine Huddersfield cloth. Owen Scott uses traditional suit tailoring skills which they have acquired and perfected over an entire decade.

Next, let’s pit-stop at the Fashion Factory, which is situated along Dundas street, just opposite the Huddersfield bus station.

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It’s classy almost Parisian-chic exterior welcomes you charmingly. The Fashion Factory offers a varied range of services from traditional garment tailoring and alterations, to dry cleaning and soft furnishing amendments. They are stockists of some top fabric brands too – so why not get that chair reupholstered while you’re getting your trousers hemmed?  Inside you’ll find a large and relaxed studio area where professional fittings can take place, and you’ll be greeted by a team of 5 experienced tailors who are on hand to help.

Now we’ll head a few streets across from the Fashion Factory to Cloth Hall Street and, quite fittingly (pun intended), we’ll visit the Carl Stuart establishment.

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With over 55 years of experience and a workforce of over 65 talented tailors, designers, and suit makers, Carl Stuart is the self-proclaimed “one-shop-stop” experience for the person who does not have time to spend moving from store to store, offering a wide range of clothing items alongside their handcrafted suits. Carl Stuart first traded in 1963 and now operates from two stores (one in Huddersfield, one in Ossett) producing all of their garments from their own factory which is located in West Yorkshire using local cloth. And, for those one-off occasions, Carl Stuart also offers a suit hire service.

So, now that the three obvious players are done and dusted, why don’t we head off of the beaten track? We’re heading down towards Queensgate Market and let me introduce you to The Clothing Alteration Company.

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Small, fast and affordable; this is the place to visit when your casual day-wear needs a little bit of TLC. The team behind it are hard working, friendly, and helpful when it comes to inquiries, and can be seen working on their craft most of the day. And, their indoor market location really lends itself to supporting local business, providing the perfect opportunity to mooch around the surrounding market stalls while they work their magic on your garment.

The final stop on our whistle stop tailoring tour of Huddersfield takes us just out of the town center, and into the village of Marsh as we say hello to Marsh Tailors.

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Offering three primary services, Marsh Tailors are the go-to in the area for dressmaking, garment tailoring, and curtain resizing and repairs. Their prices are really reasonable ( £9 can shorten your sleeves) and their reviews are nothing short of wonderful.“Always do a really good job on whatever I take in to be mended/altered. Really helpful, friendly and welcoming. Highly recommended” said Vicky Brooke, in her online review. Marsh Tailors have a track-record for effective problem solving and attention to detail, so a great tailor to support, if you’re in the area.

So my friend that’s it for this trip but, before I let you hop off and continue with your day, just let me reiterate to you that taking your garment to a skilled, local, tailor is a great option if you’re looking for a sustainable wardrobe revamp. Use what you already have and transition it into what you need, as opposed to just chucking it away and heading out to fill a basket.

In 2018 350,000 tons of clothing were sent to landfill, where they will stay for millions of years.

The art of traditional tailoring is a dying trade, so we must utilise our local talent if we are ever going to turn the tide against fast fashion. And yes, it can be an expensive option but it is an investment. If you’re going to spend £50 on a new jacket, what difference is it to spend £50 on modifying a jacket you already have?


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