Tiny home storage solutions for any small space

Living in a small, terraced house during multiple lock-downs, it’s no surprise that my interest in the tiny house movement has grown over the last year. Tiny house builders create an amazing array of solutions to the practical problems a lack of space can bring, and I have been translating as many of their ideas into my own small living space as I can! Today, I want to share with you three lessons I’ve learned about storage in tiny houses that I think apply equally well to any small space.

Look Up!

The biggest lesson I’ve taken away from the (many!) tiny house tours I’ve been watching lately is to use the vertical space. Whilst free-standing storage units take up valuable floor space, a wall unit or floating shelves make use of often-neglected wall space. You can get as creative with this as your imagination will take you; for example, check out this curtain-rod shelf!


Net baskets would also make excellent use of the space below a shelf, in a corner, or even in a window! But for those of us who are renting, so can’t install hooks and fixtures, square wire baskets that simply hook over shelves are available. These, and more kitchen storage solutions, are highlighted in this blog post by The Tiny Life

Look Under the Stairs

The staircases in tiny houses never cease to amaze me with their creativity. They are often designed to be made up of cupboards, shelving and drawers – the function of the stairs themselves almost seems secondary to their storage capacity! This really highlights the potential of that space under the stairs in regular homes.

I have come across a couple of solutions to this: either build or commission a custom-made storage unit to fit your staircase or buy a stepped shelving unit or storage cubes that fit the space as well a

Look at Things in New Ways 

Can you find another use for an item or piece of furniture and create an ingenious storage solution? In the video below on the Living Big In A Tiny House YouTube channelthese Ikea shoe cabinets have been used to make up a slimline storage unit for all those miscellaneous items that cause so much of the clutter in our homes.  

Most tiny house furniture is designed to have multiple uses and in-built storage, and there are many regular-sized beds, sofas, chairs and tables available that achieve this too. It is also possible to add storage capacity to sofas and beds that have an open frame by sliding shallow boxes or specially designed drawers underneath them.  

If you really need a standard cupboard or wardrobe but have an awkwardly shaped space where opening the doors is an issue, then sliding, bi-fold, or roller doors might solve the problem.   

Whether you are struggling to find enough space in your own small home or simply want to reclaim your kitchen work surfaces from a jumble of utensils, I hope some of these storage ideas from tiny houses help you out.   


Like what you’ve read? Well stay keep your eyes peeled for more of our Tiny House special collection.

–  Jenna