What happened?

Hello and welcome….

A lot is the answer, a lot has happened.

I can’t tell you how many times I have sat down and begun the writing of this post over the last few months. But I thought it prudent to address the absence of Seamless Design over the last two years (give or take a few posts) before suddenly bombarding you with content again; so here we are.

In short, Seamless Design Online is back again after an unplanned extended break.

The reason for the slow dry up and then the complete halt of the blog, social media and podcast (because I believe you deserve one) was because life decided to take me on a little obstacle course that resulted in a complete uprooting of life as I knew it and in truth I didn’t have the time or the mental space to even think about an idea for a blog post let alone write one. The journey began when my partner and I broke up in late 2020, and for the first time in my life I was alone. Here is a brief overview of what has happened since.

It’s a tale as old as time but the impact of the amicable separation, touched every part of my life whether I could admit it to myself or not. Even though I kept our two cats and the flat, suddenly life was quieter and colder, the bed emptier and a hole had appeared in my life. Emotions just ran wild, and to top it off my part time job cleaning the local health center wasn’t keeping me financially afloat. I was up shits creek and in the middle of a pandemic a full time job was hard to come by. So after a few weeks of hoping, I opted for the most logical next best thing – another part time job. This time I was cleaning the bus station at ridiculous hours of night. I can’t complain about it at all, but believe me when I tell you that scrubbing chewing gum by hand off a carpet in an unheated bus depot in the middle of winter was a stark wakeup call that reminded me you can’t live in survival mode forever. I had to reassess the situation I had found myself in.

So, I knuckled down and looked at the few options on the table. After weeks of searching for a way out by strategically applying for career enhancing opportunities, I took on a one day a week paid marketing internship to work alongside the two part time jobs. Great! Hope had returned. But, another story as old as time, 6 months went by and nothing came of the internship. I was exhausted, physically, emotionally and mentally, and I was back to square one: stuck.

The direction of progress had to change once more.

Luckily, and I really thank my lucky stars and the generosity of my friend for giving me this next move in the game, an opportunity came about for me to join a law firm full time as a junior in the post completion department. Believe me when I say I took the opportunity by the horns, dropped all three jobs, and ran with it in a heartbeat. Finally, there was a clear route to get back on track. The job was something completely different for me, nothing I had ever even considered myself doing. I am a trained journalist, why would I have considered a career in property law? But desperation has a way of moving us along, regardless of the direction, whether we want to move or not. And it was the best thing that could have happened for me (I really encouraged anyone to look at a career in property law).
So, four months went by and I was settled into the new gig and relaxing in life once more. . Then BAM, one afternoon a notification popped up on my Ring doorbell camera.

A formal looking man walked up to my flat door and posted a letter. My work colleagues, giddy in the afternoon work slump, and I were surmising what the hand delivered letter delivered by a man in a suit could be. “Bet it’s your eviction notice” a colleague jokingly quipped as, weirdly, evictions had been the topic of conversation that afternoon. “Can you imagine aha!…No It won’t be, the landlady wants me there long-term ”, quipped back, chuckling nonchalantly. Fast forward to 6pm there it was, in fact my eviction notice. Due to covid, the landlady had fallen on hard times herself and she needed to move back into the property. Funny how irony likes to remind us of its presence every once in a while.

Just as life was settling down the rug was ripped from underneath me, and it was time to move on to another fresh start. However, due to the extortionate rent prices put on properties that will accept pets, I had to sadly say goodbye to both cats. Another heartbreaking decision. But Instead of re-homing them to strangers they went back to be with my ex partner, who of course was thrilled to be reunited with them again. So, silver linings and all that.

So, here I am now. Finally settled into my law job, a new flat and into the head-space to be able to pick up the pieces of the balls I dropped while dealing with life and Seamless Design Online is back, well, online! Upcoming we have a plethora of articles that explore all things ethical, Eco and sustainable within the worlds of Interior and style, more stories to share on SDO The Podcast, more top tips and tricks to give you across our social media channels, and more fashion and interior styling to inspire you with.

Join me on this new part of the adventure, keep your eyes peeled, and why not sign up to The SDO monthly roundup to have all the latest news and links at your fingertips in one email?

I’ll see you in the next one,

Editor in Chief