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My name is Tom, I am the founder and writer of Seamless Design Online | The Magazine – a start-up style and interior design magazine with a difference.

As a recent graduate, and a writer myself, I passionately believe that writers should be paid for what they write, and not be expected to write for free, or to work with a company to ‘gain experience’. That is why I am looking to crowdfund £1,500 to pay writers to produce content for Seamless Design Online | The Magazine.

The focus of Seamless Design Online | The Magazine is to showcase, explore, and normalise the ethical, eco-friendly and sustainable aspects of both style and interior design, by highlighting the big, the independent, and the local creators/businesses who’s offerings are making a difference in the world every day.

All too often we are told by the media what we can’t do, who we can’t wear, and how much damage we are doing on the daily. All of this is, of course, vital to changing attitudes of consumerism and to open readers eyes to the harmful effects of fashion, and societies throw-away culture etc. – but it can all get a bit too much.

Seamless Design Online | The Magazine is to be a positive force, by showing readers what they can do, by demonstrating how they can be empowered with a less harmful way of life, and how they can change their lives seamlessly.
Through investigative articles and insightful features, through creative photography and through presenting the lives of those who are already living the change, Seamless Design Online | The Magazine is going to be the mainstream vogue (dare I dream) of ethical, eco-friendly, and sustainable interior design and style.

Published quarterly online, in the reflection of the season, the launch edition will be available for purchase in March 2020. I am currently writing the launch Issue myself, and the money raised from its sale will be combined with the crowdfunded total and together will be invested in content and visuals of the second Issue.

The overall vision of Seamless Design Online | The Magazine is to create a visually inspiring, informative and accessible resource for mainstream consumption. As it’s founder, I want this magazine to normalise, to celebrate and to showcase all the positive work creators are doing in an effort to help consumers live a more ethical, eco- friendly and sustainable life.
But for this vision to come to fruition, the quality of work contained within Seamless Design Online | The Magazine must be written to professional level – and that comes at a cost. According to the NUJ Freelance fees guide, a writer should be paid £275 for a total of 1000 words. Working with this figure, a total crowdfund of £1,500 will pay for 5 1000 word articles, with a £125 leftover for smaller sections of content.

This Crowdfunding will allow 5 writers to showcase their talent, and to be rightly paid for doing so, and in turn, it will allow Seamless Design Online | The Magazine to step out into the market on the right foot, with quality content that readers expect, and respond to.
Thank You!